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Dance, photography, gardening, and the arts are inspirations to Sharon and she enjoys sharing this with the community. She has taught all age groups, from preschool to middle school. She worked at Academy Prep Center of Tampa for seven years where she had the chance to teach enrichment classes. She taught for two years at Lowry Park’s Zoo School with Pre-K 3 and 4 year old class. She directed the Children’s Literacy through Photography January 2006 – January 2010 Education Outreach Program with the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Downtown Tampa.
The love of the arts started at an early age; taking dance classes from age 6 and studying photography in high school and college. She holds a degree from University of South Florida Bachelor of Arts, College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Sharon is grateful for the opportunity to bring programs to families through partnerships like the City of Safety Harbor, libraries, local businesses, schools, and community centers. Sharon Joller

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  1. Hi Lesley,
    Our music classes for the fall are on hold. Check out our great Safety Harbor library – they do hold family style music classes. We will resume with Music Class in Jan 2018.
    You can also check out Music and Me – she has babies class and family classes in St. Pete! Just a short drive over the Bayside bridge. Her website is:
    Thanks for contacting!

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